Tuesday, 29 May 2012

pure lemon calendula

here you go my lovlies! my next pure natural soap: pure lemon calendula!
I infused calendual petals (that I grow at my allotment in Bushy Park, right next to Hampton Court Palace) in olive oil for about a month. The petals gave the oil a subtle yellow hue, which you can see in the finished bars. I also blitzed some of the petals into the warm soaping oils to give the soap some nice texture, and happily some lovely yellow speckles. I am very happy with how it looks!
it is scented with may chang essential oil, for a lemon fizz scent, which is just so pretty and fresh, and just makes me smile!


  1. Very lovely soaps, Emma! I love the refreshing scent of lemon in the summer! I'm attempting to grow my own calendula for the first time this year, but I can already see I'm going to have to move it to a sunnier spot. :)

  2. Aw, thanks Amy! it does smell fab! Calendula a really easy to grow, they pretty much grow themselves! once you have grown them, they will self seed for the following year and so-on! I don't even have to sow seeds at all, on the allotment, they just pop up in huge drifts, they are so bright and jolly and the bees love them.